Frequently Asked Questions on Entiremart™


Is it necessary to sign up to buy from Entiremart™? How do I sign up?

In order to provide seamless buying experience we have mandated our prospective buyers to sign up using their email and their mobile number. It just takes a minute to complete the sign up process. All you need to do is follow the steps:

    From Android App on your Mobile
  • v) Go to Google Playstore and Download the App and Install it
  • vi) Follow the New Registration Procedures
  • vii) Fill the form
  • viii) Done

Once you become our member you can place orders, add products to cart, add to wishlist, and get cashbacks and other benefits too.


How do I know my order has been confirmed?

After a successful payment is made, you will receive a product confirmation email and an SMS on your registered mobile number. This information will contain your confirmed Order ID (eg. ODR2010), a list of the product(s) bought and expected delivery time. You may also receive a call from our customer care to verify your products.

You will be notified when shipment has been done. Tracking number and other information will all be communicated with you via SMS, E-mail or over the Phone.

I am based outside of Manipur, can I buy a product?

Yes, you are eligible to buy products from us. You may buy products sold by Entiremart™ Independent Sellers. Visit our Shipping Page to know more.

I am based outside Imphal Area, can I buy a product?

Yes, certain products can be eligible depending on the seller. To know more contact our Customer Support.

How are products sold on Entiremart™? Do they have their own inventory of products?

Entiremart™ is a marketplace where Sellers and Customers meet and do business. We provide a market platform where consumers can avail the best price and delivery on all products. Products are normally listed and sold by respective sellers. However, we do have certain products sold out of our Enterprise’s Inventory.


What is the area of service for food delivery for Entiremart™ Shoppers?

The current service area of Food Delivery in Entiremart™ is currently within Imphal Area. Please check the availability of service at your zip code on the product page.

What is the time taken for food delivery?

As food is prepared fresh just after your order is received, we make sure your food is delivered as fast as possible but generally it should take around 30-45 minutes for an order.

How can I pay for Foods that I’ve ordered?

We support Cash on Delivery. Also our customers can pay from the Mobile App directly using our secure payment gateway that supports major credit and debit cards, e-wallets (Paytm, Mobikwik etc.), internet banking and UPI. We are happy to help if you need any payment related issues. Contact Customer Support.

Can I order food from multiple restaurants at a time?

We still do not support multiple restaurants at a time. Well if you want to order food from multiple restaurants at a time, kindly order from a different mobile device which is registered on Entiremart™ from a different restaurant. That way we can bring you foods from multiple restaurants.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience. We are expanding our food service dimensions so kindly bear with us.

How can I cancel my food order?

After successfully placing an order food cancellation cannot be done. It is because food preparation begins after a successful order. Food will go to waste for every unsuccessful delivery. Such customers can be blacklisted in our Entiremart™ database and be deprived to use our delivery services in the future.

Is there membership for gaining benefits on food delivery services?

We have membership benefits where you get free delivery on Elite Membership. The membership benefits keeps on changing with time. Please contact Customer Support to know more.

Can I become a food seller on Entiremart™?

Yes, please you can register to us as a food seller by visiting the link and following the guidelines.

Verification of sellers may take up to 72 hours. Once you become a seller, you can sell on our website. Any queries call our Support.

Not satisfied with food delivered, what do I do?

As food delivery service is all about delivering highly perishable, almost no-shelf life items at the most; we try our best to make sure our menus are prepared freshly and timely delivered at all times. However, when you feel you are not satisfied with our services or want to give suggestions please write to us at